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Exclusive training platform for plastic surgeons.

Access specially selected top tips, techniques, key opinion leaders and workshops from GC Aesthetics.

Empowering surgeons to grow

Breast Academy is an outstanding education tool for surgeons.

Learn from top professionals

Gain insights and expertise from leading surgeons.

Live surgeries

Watch innovative techniques straight from the or. Streaming live!

Business boost

Valuable content to improve your business skills.

Live surgery videos

Watch top doctors demonstrating different tools, techniques and procedures during live surgeries.

Key opinion leader’s talks

Our opinion leaders have years of experience, enabling them to have a deep understanding of the industry. Learn from their knowledge of plastic surgery.

Business boost video pills

The plastic surgery sector continues to grow. That’s why we understand the importance of accelerating your business, to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, and also to get to know your customers and provide them a quality service.

Product information

GC Aesthetics has a wide range of products to satisfy all types of plastic surgery needs. Learn more here.

Live surgery videos

Key opinion leader’s talks

Business boost video pills

Product information

Albin TV

Together we want to pass on knowledge and motivation to beauty and aesthetics with internationally active specialists.

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